Carter Cruise


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Carter Cruise is the angelic blue-eyed blonde who stars in “Let’s Watch A Movie”. Once her parents left and she had the house all to herself, Carter Cruise found the perfect opportunity to invite her new boyfriend Brick over to watch a movie. But Brick, just like any other dude could not focus on the movie and all her could think about was tapping Carter Cruise’s nice ass and roughing up her hairy pussy. After a hot makeout session, Carter Cruise was horny enough and let Brick have his way with her. Carter Cruise gets a creampie to remember.

Brooklyn Daniels


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Brooklyn Daniels is the young raven haired beauty featured in “But I’m His Daughter Brooklyn”. Brooklyn Daniels is a nubile babe with a pretty face too boot. In the most unfortunate of circumstances, Brooklyn Daniels gets her youth and beauty used to help out her dad. See, Brooklyn Daniels’ father owed Bruno some cash and the guy came to collect. Upon seeing Brooklyn Daniels, Bruno said he was willing to let go of the debt if he gets to pork the girl. Brooklyn Daniels gets her 34B tits abused and her pussy pounded hard. Now they’re even Steven.

Lucy Tyler


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Lucy Tyler is the cute blonde babe who stars in “SkeetSearch Fuck Date”. Lucy Tyler is on the rebound after breaking up with her boyfriend so she went to SkeetSearch, the best place to get laid online. Well, Big Mike saw her and they hit it off great. Big Mike has a thing for petite girls with big asses and Lucy Tyler was just looking to get her relief. The pair gets freaky on their first meeting and both end up so satisfied. We bet it is not the last time this two get together and they’ll probably be on SkeetSearch for a long time too.

Natalie Lust


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Natalie Lust is the red haired beauty in the video clip called “Can We Work Something Out?”. The cute teen Natalie Lust ordered pizza but soon found out that she only had 5 bucks in her wallet. Of course the delivery guy Mirko would not let her off the hook. The nineteen year old Natalie Lust used her charm and skill at seduction and agreed to trade pizza for sex. Soon her blue jacket and orange nerd shirt came off and her 32B tits were exposed. Mirko was more than delighted to lay his hands on her tattooed body and Natalie Lust became excited when she saw his large dong.

Courtney Loxx


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Courtney Loxx is a brown haired Latina packed with a lot of spunk and sex appeal. In the episode “Let’s Keep It Between Us”, Courtney Loxx gets caught in a pretty sticky situation. Courtney Loxx was just at her best friend’s house, doing some homework when she decided to take a quick shower. Next thing we know, Courtney Loxx ends up with Brick (her bestie’s brother) in the bathroom. Brick was about to leave when Courtney Loxx taunted him so he fucked her to shut her up. Brick left Courtney Loxx with cream pie she would not soon forget.

Charlyse Angel


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Charlyse Angel is the young Portuguese babe in “I Got You On Tape”. Charlyse Angel is taking to her gal pal on the phone about her drunk one night stand with a random stranger. When she hung up and walked to the balcony, Charlyse Angel was shocked to find her step-brother David had been listening in and recording her confession. He asked for money to get rid of the recording but the blonde teen was broke so she offered to suck on his dick instead. Of course David was not contented with just that. Check out what else they did right here.

Emma Stoned


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Emma Stoned is the brunette young thing who stars in the episode “I Will Do Anything”. Richie has been working his ass off to pay for living expenses for him and his step sister Emma Stoned. Richie was more than pissed off to come home and find that Emma Stoned has skipped school and was smoking by the pool. Richie was about to call their parents to have Emma Stoned shipped back to them but she begged for him not to do it. Emma Stone began rubbing Richie’s bulge and gave her stepbrother the most convincing performance yet.

Riley Reynolds


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Riley Reynolds is a nubile blonde with a spunky attitude and oozing sex appeal. In the video clip “Gotta Work For What You Want”, Riley Reynolds gets into a terrible fight with her mom which gets her kicked out of the house. Knowing that she would need cash to live, Riley Reynolds turns to her neighbor Bruno who agreed to pay her to clean the house. Bruno gets furious when he finds Riley Reynolds just chatting on the phone instead of working. Not wanting to be fired, the blonde teen offered to work on Bruno instead. She sucked on his dick and gets fucked with her sexy panties on.

Natalie Monroe


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Natalie Monroe is the dark haired chick who stars in the video clip called “Check Pussy Light Is On”. Natalie Monroe is new to driving so when she had some car trouble her dad made a call and sent over a mechanic to check under the hood. What the poor guy did not notice was that the naughty Natalie Monroe was checking out his goods too. The 19 year old took him indoors for a glass of water and took his cock in her mouth and cunt. This is one lucky dude, not every mechanic gets a quick fix like Natalie Monroe.

Mia Hurley


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Mia Hurley is a raven haired babe with an innocent face and 34D tits. In the episode “Dildo Test Drive”, Mia Hurley was waiting for her pals when she received a call from her sister who asked her to look for a book. Mia Hurley looked everywhere for it but couldn’t find it. Instead, she discovered her sister’s giant pink dildo which of course she had to try for herself. Mia Hurley received the shock of her life when her sister’s boyfriend caught her drilling herself. Both so horny, Mia Hurley jumped at the chance to get real cock inside her teen twat.